Man considering purchase
Man considering purchase

We’ve recently endured various politician’s tips on how to make our money go further in a cost of living crisis. If you believe what you hear and you’re on your way to buy a new kettle or some tin foil to go behind the radiator then good luck to you.

Do politicians perhaps have the lowest perceived value of any “brand”?

Do you believe what they say? How many of them do you trust?

What of brands and particularly brands in the cost of living crisis? Belts are being tightened and hard decisions are beginning to be made. Is it time to go own brand on the weekly shop or are there still traditional brands that you wouldn’t consider giving up? (Contrary to popular opinion, not all own brand products are the same ingredients as the stuff in the posh bottle).

Value is key and the definition of value even more so. The pressure is on brands to bring prices down to compete but do they risk decimating their “value” in doing so?

It’s not just the weekly shop that will necessitate difficult decisions about where money is best spent. All of us will make tough decisions about what’s important for ourselves and our family’s wellbeing as well as our pockets and to that end the value that a brand provides us with can still make the difference at that essential point of purchase decision. And that’s where a well targeted sales promotion campaign can allow brands to maintain price and still be seen as better value to the life of the purchaser…

So, a no-frills brand at the lowest price point possible or a branded product that helps a consumer replace elements of their lifestyle which they’d resigned themselves to shelving for a time such as taking the family to a theme park, a trip to a cinema, free educational programmes and more?

I know where I’m putting (what’s left) of my money.

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