Company Values
Company Values

As a small business, we recognise that our biggest asset and our biggest investment is our people.

All our team members wear many different hats in order to keep the business growing and functioning, and we all feel invested in our future success. As a small group, we have a genuine commitment to each other as well as our clients, suppliers, and partners. We all need to be pulling in the same direction to keep the good ship SPARK on course!

Expressing this commitment in the form of some SPARK values has helped us to lay out the general principles behind the way we approach our work.  With input from the whole team, we’ve agreed on a SPARK mindset which highlights the reasons people really buy into us and the reason they continue to do business with us.

From building trust to using our initiative, we’re passionate about creating brilliant solutions so that clients can always rely on us to deliver. We approach work, colleagues, clients, and suppliers with positivity, and we embrace collaboration. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and recognise issues or problems, we find that two heads are infinitely better than one.

Our SPARK values are: Honesty, Invention, Synergy, and Positivity.

With visual references being vital in today’s world, we’ve created canvas graphics for the office and provided everyone with some snazzy new mugs to help keep these values front of mind both for us, and the businesses we work with.

Most importantly, we believe our values tell you everything you need to know about SPARK.

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