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We Brits are passionate about movies. We don’t just watch them, we research them, review them, and rate them. According to a recent study by Sky Cinema*, 78% of us spend up to an hour reading film reviews before choosing what to watch, more than we do for a job interview or a holiday. And we take our movie choices seriously. A bad film can ruin our day more than our favourite sports team losing or a holiday disaster.

That’s why we deserve to enjoy the best cinema experience possible. And that’s where The Cinema Society comes in. The Cinema Society is a membership group that offers amazing savings on cinema tickets and snacks at over 500 UK cinemas, including the big names. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster, a classic comedy, or an indie gem, you can do it for less with The Cinema Society.

Joining The Cinema Society is easy and rewarding. You can sign up your organisation and offer these benefits to your staff, customers, or members. You’ll be joining over 1,000 businesses that already use The Cinema Society to make their movie nights more affordable and enjoyable.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to movies. Join The Cinema Society today and make every film a masterpiece.


*research conducted via 21/09/23, shows activities the public spent up to an hour doing at any one time:

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