Barbie and Oppenheimer
Barbie and Oppenheimer

The SPARK team take pride in their work for clients, so we were thrilled to share news of the biggest month ever for our “Cinema Society” cinema benefit platform!

In July, sales more than doubled compared to the previous best month, thanks to the incredible response from clients who helped promote the platform to their audiences.

Members saved over £500k on cinema tickets, demonstrating the value SPARK brings, and with our community growing at an outstanding pace we’re rapidly approaching our millionth member milestone!

The success of films like Barbie and Oppenheimer has been a particular highlight as these two films took the cinema world by storm (and continue to do so). The buzz has been nothing short of amazing and we’re glad that our members are able to save whilst enjoying the biggest films.

From corporate partnerships, promotional opportunities to member benefits, SPARK continues to bring the magic of the silver screen to employees and customers.

Reach out to learn more about bringing the world of cinema to your employees, customers and audiences, and here’s to continuing to enjoy movies as they’re meant to be seen first…in the cinema.

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