Customer Info

McDonald’s has more than 1,270 restaurants in the UK and employs more than 120,000 people.

The Problem

McDonald’s were keen to enhance their customer experience by seamlessly integrating the world of fast food with entertainment, making every McDonald’s visit an opportunity to savour both a delicious meal and a fantastic movie.

Our Solution

SPARK teamed up with McDonald’s on various promotional initiatives throughout 2023, with cinema tickets and streaming vouchers proving to be immensely popular giveaways.

Now, in partnership with CHILI, SPARK is thrilled to present the latest offer: complimentary movie rentals with every McDonald’s Chicken Combo order.

Offering unique codes that are valid for a single movie rental, customers have the flexibility to choose from an extensive selection available on the CHILI website. With thousands of options, movie enthusiasts are guaranteed a delightful experience every time they visit McDonald’s.

The key to the success of these promotions lies in the simplicity and speed of the redemption process for customers. Leveraging SPARK’s extensive experience in creating user-friendly platforms, redemptions now require just a few clicks. Customers can effortlessly enter their details online and instantly receive a code to redeem a movie rental or a cinema ticket.


The response to SPARK’s promotional efforts has been overwhelming, ensuring more exciting collaborations in 2024 as SPARK continues to help elevate the McDonald’s experience for customers nationwide.