Mastercard Rewards
Mastercard Rewards


Customer Info

Mastercard Priceless is an exclusive program offered to selected groups of cardholders, providing access to experiences and adding value for members. Through the program, card holders can book unique experiences in their home city or get exclusive offers when travelling.

The Problem

Mastercard planned to extend this reward platform to more members, but the bigger rollout meant their existing experiences would not have enough capacity.

Our Solution

SPARK were approached by Big Group to source more everyday experiences and events for Mastercard members. We created an offer for ongoing cinema discounts through a major global cinema chain, as well as the UK’s largest outdoor cinema operator, giving Mastercard Priceless members the option to see classic movies in beautiful outdoor settings, or experience the latest films in cinemas with cutting-edge technology.
We also brokered an offering for members to book exclusive preview screenings through a SPARK built online booking platform.

The Response

When our client challenged us to engage with the world of cinema we knew exactly who to turn to. SPARK’s knowledge, contacts and plain hard work have been instrumental in developing a brilliant set of partnerships in the sector.“ Justin Bulley, Director, Big Group