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Customer Info

Cineworld are the UK’s biggest cinema chain with over 100 sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

The problem

Cineworld’s private hire solution was incredibly labour-intensive with every booking requiring manual processing whether small or large.

Consequently costs were high, enquiries missed and stress levels were elevated.

Our Solution

SPARK designed and built a new consumer-facing booking platform which allowed B2B clients and consumers to book private hire and parties online without losing the ability to personalise every booking.

The system is integrated with Cineworld systems to ensure that all details are captured in CRM and events automatically briefed to cinemas. Clients also receive immediate response to their enquiries and bookings.

SPARK also provided a fully integrated payment processing system.

The Results

The SPARK solution allows clients to fully customise bookings and make changes right up to the day of the event.

The new system allows Cineworld’s event team to concentrate on high-value large-scale events, frees capacity and simplifies the entire process for all operational staff.